Top San Francisco Bay Area Video Producers

Written by Michael Axinn

The San Francisco Bay Area is a mecca for online video production. No place on earth can match the combination of talent, technology and proximity to the explosion in online content innovation.

How do I find the right video production company?

And yet sometimes marketers get stuck when trying to find a video production company that suits their needs. We meet with dozens of marketers who want to know who are the other go-to video production companies in the San Francisco Bay Area. So with that in mind, we've put together a list of companies who are advancing their clients’ marketing efforts with cleverly targeted videos that stand out in the sea of online video content.

What is online video marketing?

For the purposes of this post we’ve defined online video marketing as professionally created videos for the online market. Although it’s hard to draw a line, we distinguish this from ad agencies for whom video is just one of many things they do and whose primary target with video is television advertising.

Portal A Video

Portal A

was founded by three San Francisco kids who were among the first to truly master the tools of online video content marketing. They created a webisode series called "White Collar Brawlers" and began taking on corporate clients, including most of the big names in online content and social media (Google, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) as well as brands like Lenovo, Amazon, Macy's, Procter & Gamble, Universal Pictures, Banana Republic. Among their innovations are the annual YouTube Rewind Videos recapping cultural trends from the previous year.

Corduroy MediaCorduroy Media

is an Oakland-based video production company whose work spans a range of clients from data science (Nominum) to software (Salesforce ) to health care (Gusto) to insurance (Heffernan) to public institutions (UCSF). Their approach emphasizes deep collaboration with clients to arrive at a great story, told through video.

Flying Moose PicturesFlying Moose Pictures

is based in San Francisco and partners with businesses of all sizes from non-profits (Friends of the San Francisco Library) and performing arts organizations (Cal Shakes, ACT) to large corporations (Accenture, Hewlett Packard). They draw on a wide network of video professionals to uniquely serve each client’s video needs.

Studio B FilmsStudio B Films

is a full service video production company based in Berkeley that provides a broad range of video styles including branding videos, product demos, web videos, explainers, testimonials, educational and live event videos, motion graphics and comedy. Clients include Adobe, Facebook, Seagate, Nagra and

Maximize Video Productions

Maximize Video Productions

brings passion and expertise to video projects encompassing a complete spectrum of digital styles and a broad range of clients. Projects vary from sustainable food (Hog Island Oysters), social issues (, Hospitality (Post Ranch Inn), and technology (Square, IBM).

So those are some of the top San Francisco Bay Area video producers whose work has inspired us. You may also want to check out some of our other resources:

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